Bastion Technologies, Inc.

Engineering and Technical Services

A multi-disciplined engineering and technical services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our highly skilled engineers, analysts and technical professionals provide a wide range of services and products to the Aerospace, Defense and Oil & Gas industries nationwide.


Our Core Strengths

Delivering high-end engineering and technical expertise across industries is a large part of Bastion’s business focus. As a multi-disciplined engineering company, our core strengths are Systems Engineering, Safety & Mission Assurance, Structural & Mechanical Design & Analysis, Information Technology, Technical & Management Support Services and Oil & Gas Services. Our team includes top performers in engineering and analysis, as well as industry leaders in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Defense, Biomedical Research, Electronics/Instrumentation and Information Technology fields.

Bastion Technologies, Inc. is a small disadvantaged business established in 1998. Our small company atmosphere adds to our ability to provide cost-effective customer solutions based on our lean management structure, sound corporate infrastructure, and steady financial growth.