Bastion Employees Receive Orbital 3 Recovery/SpaceX 5 Team Award

International Space Station Cargo Mission Contract
August 2015

“Through the exemplary performance of the CMC Cargo Processing Team following the Oct.28, 2014 Orb3 rocket mishap, the team met aggressive ISS delivery milestones. The Team’s flexibility and responsiveness during this time-frame was extremely critical to the success of the ISS program’s ability to identify and provide replacement cargo on SpaceX-5 to support continued on-orbit operations. As a result, the SpaceX-5 cargo compliment was delivered to SpaceX at KSC on time per the negotiated schedule with no mishaps. The Team accepted the challenge, took it as an opportunity and continued to show NASA that we are the best at what we do.”

Bastion team awardees include: Ken Moulder, Janet Agee, Linda Richards, and Daniel Culps.

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