Bastion Offshore Survival and Fire Training

Your Access to NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL)

The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) is one of the world’s largest pools, which enables its users to conduct critical underwater and topside operations at large scales in a controlled and fully integrated environment. Conveniently located 20 miles south of downtown Houston and adjacent to Ellington Field the NBL is ideally situated for Gulf Coast operations.

In addition to these extensive facility capabilities, Raytheon through its partnership with NASA offers a full-suite of on-site testing, training, diving, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics services to support a broad variety of projects.

As a part of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the NBL is used to prepare and train astronauts for space walks. Now this facility is offering its world renown capabilities to commercial partners with unprecedented flexibility to meet their most critical demands.

NBL Key Features

The Pool

  • 202 ft x 102 ft x 40 ft

  • Volume: 6.2 million gallons

  • Water Temp: 84 – 86 ºF

Fully Integrated

  • Integrated Control Room to support all facility operations

  • Extensive control capabilities

  • Video and Audio systems

Support Services

  • Diver and Diving Systems

  • Training and Training Support

  • Logistics

  • Classroom, Meeting, and Space

Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Multi-disciplinary Engineering Services

  • Test and Evaluation

  • Procedure Development

  • On-site manufacturing facility with assembly floor and multiple machine shops

Lift Operations

  • Numerous critical cranes, lifts, stands for safe and convenient equipment handling

World Class Safety Record

Meeting Consensus Industry Standards

Now Performing for Commercial Industry

  • OPITO-approved Off-shore Safety and Survival Training including HUET, First Aid, TEMPSC and Basic Firefighting

  • Major Emergency Management Training

  • Underwater Systems Integrated Ops: AUVs, ROVs, ADSs

  • Underwater Systb ems Testing: Inspection Technologies (pre-Sea Trial), Down-Hole Sensor R&D Testing, etc.

  • Integrated Engineering and Manufacturing

For more detailed information about training and testing at the NBL visit our Survival Training website.