Frequently Asked Questions about the Bastion JETS II Contract Transition

Bastion is committed to making our hiring process as orderly and straightforward as possible. We hope these frequently asked questions give you better insight into our application and employment process.

We will continue to update this page throughout the transition, so please check back often.

What is the transition plan?

The JETS II Transition Plan is how Bastion will transition from the current contract to the JETS II contract. Once the transition period begins, it is expected to last 30 calendar days. The JETS contract will continue throughout the transition period with the incumbent contractor responsible for meeting the NASA JSC JETS mission. Bastion will assume 100% responsibility of mission accomplishment the day immediately following the transition period.

Will Bastion host an open house?

We are in the process of scheduling a series of information sessions during the contract transition time period. All sessions will cover the same presentation. We will be sending out the open house invitation soon.

Do I need to do anything now or do I wait for you to contact me?

If you are an incumbent JETS team member, you may want to do the following in preparation for joining the Bastion Team:

Will there be similar opportunities to maintain my current role?

Our transition team is currently working with the customer to assess its needs, and our goal is to transition as many incumbent employees as possible.

Will teleworking be an option?

Bastion offers telework to our employees when appropriate. However, the ability to telework is dependent on the particular job requirements, so this will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on contract requirements.

What benefits are going to be offered?

Bastion offers competitive benefits. These will be communicated during the interview process.

If I have used up all my benefits with my present employer, do I start over with your company with a fresh set of benefits?


Who can I contact if I have questions about my insurance options or coverage?

You will get contact information upon interviewing. Detailed benefit information will be included in the Offer of Employment.

I’m looking for specific information about benefits such as the 401(k) match and vacation accrual schedule. Where can I get this?

Further information will be provided during the interview phase.

How is Bastion addressing the COVID-19 Federal Vaccine Mandate?

Bastion is dedicated to promoting a healthy and safe work environment and will abide by government provided guidance and direction with respect to COVID-19 or other similar workplace considerations.