Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS)


The Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS) manages complex business information for any organization. With highly customizable and secure features, EPICS provides financial and contractual solutions without boundaries. EPICS is a web based, enterprise wide tool that will revolutionize your contract management process. EPICS contains tools that manage a wide variety of business management and enterprise data. EPICS provides a solution for both Business and Government Organizations.

EPICS is developed on the Microsoft.net framework using C#.net (c sharp) and ASP.net languages. The backend database is Microsoft SQL Server. All of the code can be hosted on a web server with connection to its backend database through web services or network share. The code and databases can be hosted on the same server or on different servers as long as there is connectivity between them. The code has a small footprint taking less than 1 Gigabyte and the database is less than 5 Gigabytes.

EPICS has built-in user privileges and is maintained through strict Configuration Management (CM) procedures based on an established CM Plan. The ease of access and the EPICS intuitive interface requires minimal training effort. EPICS enables easy sharing of all TO and contract performance information with company personnel through web-based access via personal computer or PDA.


We provide regular user and administrator training in 2 - 4 hour segments, depending on customer needs. We can tailor the training for specific modules as necessary.


  • Automated and integrated financial management

  • Collaborative contract management solution

  • Automated notifications
    Customizable Workflow

  • Management System
    Minimal training effort and investment

  • Information Security

  • Open nature of architecture proves scalability and flexibility of deployment

Capability Examples

  • Cost Performance Reports

  • Current Funding Balance of Task Orders (TOs) Commitments

  • Obligations

  • Costs and Disbursements

  • Monthly Phased Estimates and Actuals

  • Cost Variance Explanations for Current Month and Incentive Fee Plan to Date

  • Reconciliation Reports of Financial Data with SAP

  • Query Cost Reports

  • And more...