NASA's Rodent Habitat Module

NASA’s Rodent Habitat Module


Rodent Research Project Team Receives NASA Group Achievement Award

Bastion ARC News - California
March 2022

The Rodent Research (RR) Project Team was recognized for overcoming numerous challenges brought on by COVID-19, and for their outstanding achievement in con-currently supporting multiple and diverse Rodent Research missions. The Team implemented and deployed two new RR Ground Control Centers and reimplemented the KSC Rodent Ground Control Center. Payload launch and software activities were performed remotely and on-site; ensuring readiness to adapt to updated mission requirements.

Rodent spaceflight experiments contribute significantly to our understanding of the effects of microgravity on biological processes that are directly relevant to humans in space. Bastion is a proud participant on this project.

Congratulations to the Team! Your perseverance has been phenomenal.