SODA Features

  • Spacecraft Geometry Builder Used for Plume Impingement Analysis - Using Rectangles

  • 6DOF Thruster Jet Select Algorithm - Using Rectangles

  • Thruster Tables and Duty Cycles - User Can Specify

  • Multiple Spacecraft Library - DSG, ISS, Progress, Soyuz, MARE (Lander)

  • Prox-Ops Model - Specifiable Standoff Distance

  • Vecor Plume Model - Includes Thrust Decay Model

  • Plume Induced Disturbance Calculation - Torque, Momentum, Propellant, Free-Drift Rates

SODA Features and Analysis Capabilities

SODA Analysis Capabilities

Spacecraft/Visiting Vehicles

  • Calculate Translational and Rotational Jet Select

  • Calculate Translational & Rotational Control Authority

  • Evaluate Impact of Different Thruster Duty Cycles

  • Monte Carlo Analysis for Delta CM Impact on Jet Select & Control Authority


  • Calculate Plume Impingement Induced Disturbances

  • Monte Carlo Analysis for Parameter Impact on Plume Impingement - Delta CM, Delta Orientation, VV Standoff

  • Evaluate and Design Performance During VV Prox-Ops

  • Perform Capabilities Listed Under Spacecraft/Visiting Vehicles

Analysis Can Be Saved to File for Re-use