Bastion's Survival & Fire Training Program

High Consequence, High Confidence, High Control

The Bastion Survival Training team of experts brings superior experience in high-consequence and immersive offshore water survival and safety training in Houston, Texas.

Survival Training Program

The Bastion Water Survival Training Program provides a rigorous and experiential learning environment that instills confidence and empowers trainees with the knowledge and skills to act when it counts. This type of behavioral-based training imparts the confidence and control vital for effectively dealing with emergency situations. The Bastion Survival Training Program includes the following disciplines: Survival, Marine, Fire, and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). Visit our Courses page for a complete listing of available offerings.

About Bastion Technologies

Founded in 1998, Bastion Technologies, Inc. is a minority-owned small disadvantaged business, with more than 470 employees supporting contracts across the U.S. Bastion provides turn-key engineering design, software application solutions, technical/management services and safety/mission assurance support to industry and government customers. For more information, please visit us at