Bastion's Survival & Fire Training Program

High Consequence, High Confidence, High Control

The Bastion Survival Training team of experts brings superior experience in high-consequence and immersive offshore water survival and safety training at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC). This unique, underwater training facility at JSC provides an environment that enables some of the most authentic emergency simulations in the world.

Survival Training

The Bastion Water Survival Training Program provides a rigorous and experiential learning environment that instills confidence and empowers trainees with the knowledge and skills to act when it counts. This type of behavioral-based training imparts the confidence and control vital for effectively dealing with emergency situations. The Bastion Survival Training Program includes the following disciplines: Survival, Marine, Fire, and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). Visit our Courses page for a complete listing of available offerings.

The JSC Training Facility

NASA's underwater training facility at JSC is the most advanced in the world. The 6.2 million gallon, 40-foot deep pool was originally designed to support space-walk planning, testing and training, using full-scale mock-ups of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle. The immense scale is matched by its technological sophistication. While the pool continues to support NASA's space program, designated areas have been assigned to meet the needs of the Survival Training program. Visit our Facilities page for a complete listing of our facilities.

About Bastion Technologies

Founded in 1998, Bastion Technologies, Inc. is a minority-owned small disadvantaged business, with more than $49 million in revenue and 400 employees. Bastion provides turn-key engineering design, software application solutions, technical/management services and safety/mission assurance support to industry and government customers. For more information, please visit us at