Course Duration
1 Hour

Course Overview
Step Change in Safety requirements indicates that individuals traveling by helicopter to the UK waters are now required, in many areas, to provide proof of shoulder measurement certification. This certification will indicate whether the individual has a regular shoulder width, and is able to sit at any seat and exit any window in case of emergency, or if they are considered XBR (extra broad) or SXBR (super extra broad). If a candidate is certified as being XBR, they will be given a black and white checker colored arm band, which will match the head rest of the selected seats that they will be allowed to sit at during their transport. If a candidate is considered SXBR, they will be required to attend a course, where they will undergo a series of tasks. If their results of these tasks are satisfactory, they will then be allowed to fly in helicopters that have a Type III sized exit only.

Candidates will receive a certification.

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