What Our Customers Are Saying...

"The instructors were the best part of training--kept us engaged, clear demonstrations, and very willing to assist."

-David Lecky, Hess Corporation

"The reinforcement of the classroom instruction with practical training ensures that the procedures that have been taught will be remembered and can be implemented if need be."

- Steve Murphy, Blacksand Group

"The instructors were wonderful and very helpful."

- Montrell Turner, Cameron

"This course was much better than the course offered [by the competitor]. The HUET was much more thorough. The facility was great and the instructors were very pleasant and experienced."

- Aziz Qureshi, Diamond Offshore Drilling

"One of the most useful and clearly understood safety classes I have ever been to!"

- Olalekan Gidado, Schlumberger

"This amazing facility exceeded all expectations of what we could have possibly imagined prior to actually attending the course."

- Julian Turner, Blacksand Group

"Professional instructors and fantastic facilities - well done!!"

- Randy Denton, Transocean

"I would like to thank each and every instructor for a job well done, not only on land but also in the water. This is a block of instruction I will not forget and would be happy to recommend this course to everyone I know."

-Mark Bridges, Blacksand Group

"Every instructor was amazing."

-Johnny Davis, Weatherford

"Refreshed and expanded offshore safety and survival skills and knowledge. Professionalism and teamwork among the training staff was very impressive."

-Dave Barrow, Wild Well Control

"My overall impression of the course was extremely favorable because the instructors were able to apply the training to real life examples of how the training would be applicable to everyone in attendance."

- Julian Turner, Blacksand Group

"Great course [BOSIET] with top notch staff."

- Grant Tribble, Cameron

"I think the material I learned is beneficial to my safety offshore."

- Joshua Hamel, Cross Group Inc.

"Great job by Jim and Bastion team."

- Ashok Nath, BP